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New Government Agencies` Situation Center for Information Security opened in Kazakhstan


National Information Technologies JSC informs of obtaining a statutory license No. 072 from National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan which enables establishing Situation Center for Information Security based in National Information Technologies JSC.

“One more step has been taken to implement “Kazakhstan`s Cyber Shield” framework.  Establishment of Situation Center under NIT JSC will boost the development of holistic approach to provide cyber security of the country`s cyberspace”, Asset Turyssov, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC told.

Now, NIT JSC will perform the following functions of Situation Center for Information Security as related to web resources, information systems and other e-Gov ICT facilities:

- detect, assess, forecast, localize, neutralize and prevent information security threats;

- monitor detection, prevention and investigation of information security threats;

- gather, consolidate, analyze and keep data on information security events and incidents; 

- provide information to owners to ensure information security, including information on security threats; vulnerabilities of software, equipment and technologies; methods of information security threats implementation; conditions that lead to information security threats, and also on methods to prevent them and eliminate consequences;

 - connect logging systems for information security events to e-Gov monitoring center under National Coordination Center for Information Security.

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